Prehistoric cultures in India

India has a rich history of prehistoric cultures that span thousands of years. These cultures are characterized by the absence of written records and are primarily studied through archaeological evidence. Here are some notable prehistoric cultures in India: 2. Mesolithic Era (10,000 – 4,500 BCE): During this period, the climate became warmer, and hunting-gathering communities […]

When to change the optional

An aspirant preparing for civil services has a limited number of attempts, earlier it was 4 which is recently raised to 6. Therefore, one should review his preparation after each attempt and readjust. One failure may not indicate anything but more than that needs serious rethinking. The majority of the mains examination syllabus is General […]

Choosing your optional subject for UPSC

The first exercise one has to go through after the decision of taking a plunge into the UPSC preparation is deciding the optional subject. It’s the only thing in the exam which is not same for all aspirants and one have to compete with a core group of those who opted for the same subject. […]

5 Books for general awareness about India

Following is the list of books a citizen of India should read. However, they are of even more importance when prescribed to a Civil Service aspirant. These books will enhance the general awareness and consciousness of the student about her Country and its immediate past. The student can use the content of the books in […]

How to get the best out of group study

On the long journey of preparation, a candidate needs a group to study with. It keeps one motivated and also help in covering the enormous size of the syllabus with mutual help. Below are 9 tips to get the best out of group study. A group, if made solely for studies and friends chosen selectively […]

Newspaper and magazines of UPSC preparation

The preparation for an aspirant is generally found to be smooth in the early stages when his study is largely about reading the books related to specific subjects (Static part). However a large part of the General Studies syllabus is the Current Affairs, which for the last few years had widened its ambit. This part […]

How to read the newspaper

Newspaper reading is the most cumbersome activity of the preparation and it takes months and too much of efforts to understand what to read and what not to read from them. Below are the tips which will help you to get the most out of reading the newspaper. Regularly make notes of the topics you […]

Mains exam key words

The essay type questions in the main exam carry different key words, based on which a student has to formulate his answer. If a student did not understand what the word exactly meant, the answer will not meet the requirement of the examiner in spite of all the knowledge possessed.  Here are the Mains exam […]

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