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We believe in quality and Sustainable Education for All.

In recent years, UPSC changed its style of asking questions. Have you changed your way of approach? Or are you still preparing the old and traditional way? Have you wasted more than 3 years of preparation with No results?

This is the right Platform for you –
It’s time to change your strategy & approach to the demand of UPSC. We are here to lend a helping Hand, Learn dynamic approaches and strategies with Sage IAS.

Who are we, What is Our Modus Operandi (manner of operation)?
Sage IAS is an academy whose main focus is on the Dynamic Approach of Modern Sciences adding the Values of Vedic Science. Strategizing your Strategies to crack the UPSC Civil Service exam, according to changing patterns of UPSC.

Middle Path of Sage IAS

  • 1. Research & analysis of previous year’s question papers. Solve the question papers in live classes after evaluation of the future aspects of coming questions.
  • 2. Prepare a suitable strategy for pitching the same goal.
  • 3. Use a smart way of teaching (Teach more in less time), Mind mapping, etc.
  • 4. Build thought processes & ideas of attempting questions for better results.
  • 5. Conceptual learning rather than rote learning.
  • 6. Divisions of the syllabus in different stages so aspirant can start their preparation at any stage.
  • 7. Focusing on guiding the right direction towards the goal.
  • 8. Assigned a faculty to clear doubts of UPSC aspirants on a regular basis.
  • 9. Encouraging students to write daily for the UPSC mains Exam & analyze them on a regular basis.
  • 10. Prepare Civil Servants to Lead.
  • 11. Practical and Dynamic Analysis of UPSC Civil Service Examination.


  • Basic to Advance learning
  • 5 days of Classes with Gurukul Style Library
  • Online / Offline / Recorded classes
  • Weekly Mains Answers and Essay Writing Sessions
  • Group Discussion like Chai ki Tapri style of Old Rajendra Nagar, Delhi
  • Morning 7am to 7pm Support system
  • Affordable and Sustainable Fee
  • EMI available
  • Education loan facility
  • Mentorship till Selection
  • Small Batches to give Proper Attention to Every future Mandarin (Civil Servant)
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