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The UPSC preparation is one which every Indian in his 20s thinks to undertake. Few steps back due the enormity of the syllabus and competition and many steps back due to their jobs which they cannot leave for various reasons. Here are a few tips which could make it possible for you to pursue your job with doing effective preparation for UPSC exams.

1.   Believe, you have enough time- No one studies for the whole day. The students who do full time preparation admit to having daily effective productivity of 4 to 5 hours. In long run, it is very difficult to sustain the pace and amount of study of early days. Therefore, when you are not studying, although you are indeed lagging behind, but not as much as you think.

2.   Try to make a group of such aspirants- Try to find such aspirants at your workplace (or you can search them online). It will keep you motivated, moreover, it will enable you to do group studies with them (refer earlier post for group study).

3.   Do not feel guilty over lost weekdays- A busy weekday can be a tiring one, do not ponder over such lost days. Such days are usual for full time aspirants too. Whatever you planned to study for that day, shift that to the next day and get over it.

4.   Make weekends productive- For you weekends should be more engaging than weekdays. Unlike your colleagues, you should not look them as rest days. Invest as much as you can. However, if still some weekdays are lost due to any unforeseen reason, do not feel guilty, but try to keep such weekends as less as you can.

5.   Study in office only if it does not affect your productivity as an employee- You can study at your office, but only if your workplace environment allows you to, otherwise it will only bring you hostility of your co-workers and superiors and will further reduce your free time in office.

6.   At short intervals, only revise- Do not study anything new in the free time you get here and there. A new concept needs time and concentration and studying them casually will be detrimental to your studies and confidence.

7.   If possible join a weekend test series or online test series- A weekend test series will keep you updated and will keep you tied to an external time table, in addition to its general benefits.

8.   Opt for a month long vacation before mains- Try to get a vacation for a month or two before the main examination when you really need to devote long hours. However, even if you cannot get such vacation, your tactful planning of the syllabus will not let you lag behind. In mains exam, it’s much about the exam day rather than how much one knows.

9.   Love your job- Do not hate your job just because it hinders your study. UPSC preparation is a risky prospect and who knows you will have to continue with this job for the rest of your life. Don’t miss the opportunities in your current job and enjoy it as much as you can.

It’s better to have a job along with preparation. As years roll on and attempts getting exhausted, various insecurities creeps in, which will hinder your focus and concentration. Having a job will be of immense help in such situations. You can actually be calm and study without thinking of the end result. So be confident, in the long run, it’s a plus point to pursue preparation with doing a Job.

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