Middle Path of Sage IAS - Sage IAS Middle Path of Sage IAS - Sage IAS
  • 1. Research & analysis of previous year’s question papers. Solve the question papers in live classes after evaluation of the future aspects of coming questions.
  • 2. Prepare a suitable strategy for pitching the same goal.
  • 3. Use a smart way of teaching (Teach more in less time), Mind mapping, etc.
  • 4. Build thought processes & ideas of attempting questions for better results.
  • 5. Conceptual learning rather than rote learning.
  • 6. Divisions of the syllabus in different stages so aspirant can start their preparation at any stage.
  • 7. Focusing on guiding the right direction towards the goal.
  • 8. Assigned a faculty to clear doubts of UPSC aspirants on a regular basis.
  • 9. Encouraging students to write daily for the UPSC mains Exam & analyze them on a regular basis.
  • 10. Prepare Civil Servants to Lead.
  • 11. Practical and Dynamic Analysis of UPSC Civil Service Examination.
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